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The program will contain five short courses of 4 hours concerning the following mathematical domains. Each course will be completed by some conferences on current problems in Neurosciences linked to the themes of the course. Four round tables will be organized on the evening.

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Bayesian Analysis (perception, probability, geometry)

Course : P. Bessière
Conferences : J. Droulez , S. Geman, K. Koerding, Y. Weiss

Dynamical systems (iterations, oscillations, neural networks)

Course : J.-C. Yoccoz
Conferences : N. Brunel, B. Ermentrout, J.-P. Françoise, P. Fries, H. Haken, M. Le Van Quyen, M. Tsodyks

Differential geometry (perception, action, ...)

Course : A. Chenciner
Conferences : T. Flash, J.-P. Laumond, J. Petitot, J. B. Ranck

Image analysis (wavelets, E.D.P, variational forms)

Course : J.-M. Morel
Conferences : O. Faugeras, Y. Fregnac, S. Mallat, A. Trouvé, I. Vanzetta


Course : S.-I. Amari, D. Picard
Conferences : H. Benali, K. Friston, J.-P. Nadal

Neurosciences General conferences :

M. Arbib, A. Berthoz, P. Dayan, S. Dehaene, C. M. Harris, A. Treves

Round tables

D.Bennequin : Hippocampus
C. Debru : History of Neurosciences
L. Garnero : Cerebral Imaging
G. Longo : Mathematics, space and Cognition







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